Jenna Vincent – Environment Art Portfolio

I’m an artist and illustrator who makes bright and evocative paintings that tell stories, hoping to move into background painting and environment concept art. I have worked professionally as a digital painter for over 10 years making book covers, designing characters and environments, and producing internal illustrations for novels and children’s books. I’ve also made a collection of other works for editorial illustration, arts events and private commissions. I am passionate about creating engaging stories and have an enduring love of animations and games that capture and challenge your imagination. I want to become part of the world of people crafting these wonderful experiences.

Environment Concepts
Forest Creek Explorations
Architecture Concepts
Coral Outback
Prop Concepts
Gum Trees
Book Cover
Environment Thumbnails
Street Explorations
Prop Concepts
The Crane Wife‘s Bedroom
Interior Illustrations
Memories of Home
Environment Thumbnails
Autumn in the Japanese Alps
Environment Concepts
Hidden Creek